We took a different approach to control room design at The Mixing Boutique. After consulting a number of well renowned studio designers and room builders, we decided to ditch a typical cave-like esthetic for a more inviting and inspirational experience.

Using 14 of Acoustic Sciences Corporation’s patented TubeTraps along with their custom-built speaker stands and top caps, head engineer and owner Tim Hanson has created an amazingly musical sweet spot throughout the entire listening position for unrivaled accuracy during mixing. This setup also allowed us to maintain the original esthetic of our beautiful spaces, which we feel is more welcoming to our clients.

With the recent completion of our recording sidecar, the desk and floor racks are filled to the brim with some of the best, rarest and most sought-after gear in the music industry. Make sure to check our gear page out for complete lists and links of all our equipment in-use here at The Mixing Boutique.

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